I was bullied since class 5th – Part 1 (How it started?)

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Have you ever experienced bully in your life? Well, for me you can ask when you never experience bullying in your life?

Though starting of my bullying story may be emotional, the end will be happier believe me! If you ever experienced or experiencing bully, at the end of reading the story, you will get to know why it happens and how to handle it. To make the story convenient to read, I divided this story into some parts. This is the first part – (How it started?)

It starts when I was in class 5 (Year: 2011). I experienced my life’s first ever bullying from my friends. Though at that time I don’t know much about the term. As I started growing I get to know about it.

What was that incident? What was the reason my friends started bullying me? Well…

One day in the English classroom, when the class was going I farted! Yes, I farted!

Oww! so that’s it? Yes! Without any drama that’s it in short! Want to know brief and interesting about that? Keep reading…

So after that fart, the journey of my harassment (or the bullying) starts! Unsurprisingly, farting is a very natural behavior of our body (Except too much). Generally, when a fart comes in a crowded place, a person either tries to stop that completely or does that silently. Surely it is done to save our dignity in front of the public. Unfortunately, everything you planned not will happen every time. Sometimes, you finally fart in spite of your thousands of trying to stop. Hope you experience at least once in your life, isn’t it?

The same goes for me. Though I tried to fart silently, when I did, it sounded too loud. Now you can expect how your friends will react! Yes, they were just shocked and looked weirdly at each other. Reason? Obviously, because the whole class was concentrated on the class. Surprisingly, after this, no one reacts or makes chaos. They act normal as before!

You may ask, why didn’t they react or laugh?

It’s only because of our strict English teacher. But… When the class ends, it breaks out in laughter! Suddenly, one of my friends get up from the bench and checked everyone’s ass to know who had farted! I know you are dead at laughing and asking are you kidding? Did he check everyone’s ass? Yes, it’s 100% true! He literally checked everyone’s ass (except girls). Obviously not to get slapped!

To note, being in Primary School, we are in Co-ed (a school where both boys and girls study).

Now, Guess what? I was caught! Now?

That guy stood up on the bench and said, “Hey everyone! finally, we got the culprit! It was him (me) who farted!” Then the whole class of 50+ students looked at me and started laughing including the girls. If you think the shame ends here, then you’re wrong!

The insult and shame at me yet not ended! One of the guys among us said, “Hey everybody from today why don’t we call him ‘Paddu’ (In Bengali) which means ‘The farter’ (in English).” Later it upgraded to ‘Paddu man’ or ‘The farter man’.

Can you imagine that worse situation? At first, I was insulted in front of everyone and then I was bullied by the name “Padduman”.

Why don’t you take that normally at that time? What’s so serious about this? Among friends, it happens and it’s very casual to deal with!

Well, at that time I wasn’t mature enough to handle this situation being a 10 years kid. In addition, I was insulted among the girls. Can still be forgotten if those were only boys but among girls? Calling that name every time? Bullying all the time? Isn’t acceptable!

Whaattt? Every time?

Yes, every time! From that incident, I was called by the name “Padduman” instead of my real name “Hridoy” every time. Not only this! From then, if anyone heard a sound or smell of farting, they started blaming me directly. On top of this, the blame and insult were made in front of the girls. Yes, it hurts extra!

I agree, I farted at that time. It was a mistake for me to do that in front of everyone. But not every time you can control your body. (Although it’s a natural phenomenon of our body) Not every time it was me! Funny to say but from that day I rarely fart. It may be for fear of getting more insulted or I started eating healthy.

Yes, I started eating healthy as I was taught by one of my elder sisters saying that “Fart comes when you eat junk foods frequently, do less exercise, and are suffering from constipation.” Frankly speaking, that was so true I follow this to date.

Still, from that day, someone farts in the class! Every time the blame should be on me despite it being someone else. From then, the bullying chapter of my life started!

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