Why do I use the number 11 on all of my social handles?

If you follow my social media handles regularly or even occasionally, may notice one thing. That is all of my social media handles end with the number 11.

On Facebook, I use https://www.facebook.com/hridoykundu11

On Instagram, I use https://www.instagram.com/hridoykundu11

On YouTube, I use https://www.youtube.com/@hridoykundu11

Why does every social media account I have, use the number 11 at the end of my name? What does that mean?

Well, because there is a personal reason and emotion regarding this number. Let’s know them:

  • Coincidently, In my whole school life, the number 11 was my roll number about 4 to 5 times in many of my classes! Yes, you read that right! It remains the same roll number 4 to 5 times in various classes between class 1 to class 12.
  • I imagine this number as a team consisting of 11 players and take it as my hard work and dedication result. So if I become the worst (performance-wise), I will be the 11th and the last player on the team. If I become the best (performance-wise), I will be the 1st player on the team. So, the number 11 always represents the result of my performance whether it was good or bad.

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