Why borderless countries in the world is just imagination?

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Do you ever imagine what if there is no border between the countries? Ohh what a joyous moment that will be! We can go anywhere in the world without any restrictions. Isn’t this will be so good that there will be no harassment and trouble for immigration and paper works? Though in this modern world, passing borders by passport is getting faster and easy day by day, it needs paperwork, security checks, and many restrictions.
Overall, this whole thing will be so great! Aww!
Technically, there are many reasons. But I will tell you just one point that will force you to leave thinking of these borderless countries. That is…
When you’re living in the world, not in a country, everywhere you imagine, you can go. But… but.. but…
What if someone treats you? Ohh! forget about threatening. What if someone tries to kill you? To whom you will complain?
Ummm… obviously to the Police Station. But now who will control them? Who will give them salary, food, and pensions? By which law they will follow?
Even the Police Station is controlled and run by the government. To run the government, we need money and also the people. But as there is no country, no constitution, and no people, who will give them that money?
Now you may say we will create a new government, a new constitution not for the country but for the whole world. Afterward, they will keep run by the whole world’s people. Isn’t that simple, man?
Umm, a simple question for you!
Who will control that 8 billion+ people? I’m not talking about millions but billions. Just see that number again: 8, 000, 000, 000
To ensure just the basic needs and security of people, you need officials. You can run the whole world when they will work effectively. To let them work, they will need a hierarchy and their respective regions. So that none collide with each other’s work. Right?
Well, this is how countries in the world work! That’s how our countries run. People run a government. Similarly, Government runs people by officials by their hierarchies. To keep officials working smoothly and troubleless they are divided into regions and sub-regions and so on.
So why do we need a country?
To make sure everyone has having their equal presence.

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